Below is my internal resignation letter, this was originally for staff only but was swiftly deleted alongside other staff member's resignation letters. Apparently the truth cannot be told - even in an internal team. For things directed more for players, scroll down a bit.


I never thought I would be posting this, especially in the times where MS might have a glimpse of hope in the future - something it has failed to have since I became admin. Frankly, the management team is not somewhere I am able to work, with the strain of school my schedule is not clear enough for what leadership desire and staff management was forced away from us. I do not feel like I can be on this team not having a key role in staff management and not working with Payooo - my partner in crime for the last year and a half. Similarly, we were no longer respected, changes opposed were introduced as soon as she was chucked out the door. It is heart-breaking seeing the improvements we have made get thrown away, replaced by sometimes an inferior system because it "works elsewhere".

I would like to thank everyone here for their amazing commitment, the staff team is not only a team but it is a community. We work together, we adapt, we push through the rough times and we try to make an amazing experience for players. We aren't just here for efficiency, but because I believe all of you care for each other and it is an amazing thing to witness and see each other flourish. I have worked on the team for four years, I have seen many managers come in, many good, many bad. I truly hope in the future that whoever leads this team will be able to hold the same compassion and care we tried to commit and are able to fulfil everyone's expectations. MS will be a bumpy ride over the next few months, and I wish you luck with it, I do hope everything goes well and you can return the network to its glorious days. But after such a long commitment, it has been shown it is my time to depart and move onto other things. I hope everyone here remains in contact, because you have all been amazing and I wish I could stay for longer. In the next few weeks I will likely fade into the background of people's minds, the work forgotten with such a big push for change and newer things replacing our old systems that worked so well, and I hope those systems follow the idea of keeping laborious work to a minimum - something I found was so important over the last two years to keep me doing things I enjoy. With that being said, I have rambled on enough.

One more thing, I just lost the game.

Good luck,
Josh [@Josh.#1514]

With my days at MS clearly over, I decided to have one last laugh, I knew the inevitable consequences but I would be silenced anyway - alongside so many of the previous managers I now walk amongst. Unfortunately, this was stopped early so here it is for you all to enjoy, treasure this - only 200 or so managed to be sent.


As of writing this, I have been Blacklisted from MS so the journey is truly over.

The rest of this page will be rambling on about things, if you have anything you want to be elaborate on or any questions you would like answering then just DM me on Discord. As we have been told many times, Melon's managers are on NDAs and contracts - I was not, so I am free to say what I would like. This is mostly incoherent thoughts being typed up, so the grammar may not be the best :)

The past four years have been amazing, but the new methods used by leadership are not. It is a constant battle judging between what attitude people will be in each day. You get told one thing one day, but it changes by the end of the week. Changes have occurred to the server that ultimately pushes away old players without significant regard. With the new servers purely themed around new players, with no link back to legacy MS. It is not a bad thing that we have the current community, they are what grew us to be what MS was a couple years ago. Unfortunately, new leadership did not take the time to get to know the team, to know the server and to make accomodations.

Staff management was continuously pressured to make changes that would not have been best for the team, until they found we were "constricting" them too much and replaced us while we were still in the position. Since then, a number of staff members have left, I do not blame them. They have replaced the people who have spent the time getting to know the team for the last couple of years with someone from Melon. With internal changes, things such as the Staff Discord were due to be the exact same system as Melon. We removed some things that would not fit, but ultimately, they have been introduced again now we are no longer in control. It is a shame we let down the team, but there is nothing we could do when you get pressured out of a role you have worked so hard to maintain.

MS has moved away to a purely for profit organisation, more than it was before, taking away things such as staff vouchers because they would damage profit margins, they revoked compensation early due to how saturated the server was with vouchers (note these plans had to be authorised, so they could've been stopped and prevented by those more experienced). It is disappointing compensation not being issued for Creative especially, a server that was released such a short time ago and resulted in one of our managers, Vexmae, being forced out of their position. The other servers have some justification, but doing nothing is disappointing - especially with such a large outcall from the players, but it falls on people who do not care enough to listen.

To be continued as more thoughts are developed...

Published 19th September 2022 (Last edited 19th September 2022)
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